Videocon launches nine more mobile handsets
Marks entry in the CDMA space
Videocon launches nine more mobile handsets

After the successful launch of its new Mobile Phones Division in October 2009, the leading conglomerate Videocon Group has now launched nine more handsets, thus enhancing its current offering from 12 handsets to a total of 21 handsets. The key highlights of this range include: Triple SIM CDMA handsets, QWERTY keypad DUAL SIM with Optical Track pad, Attractive Touch screen devices and Dual SIM Multimedia, Camera and Music phones.

India is amongst the fastest growing cellular phone markets in the world, and an existing user base of about 500 million subscribers, and 12 million users being added every month in the GSM space and about 3 million in the CDMA space, the potential of such phones are tremendous.

With CDMA expected to hit the high growth mark with the advent of Open Market handsets, Videocon has launched `Videocon VC1425’ positioned as Grab the Power of 3. This combines the both GSM and CDMA technologies in a handset with 2 SIMs and 1 RUIM. In the GSM phones, Videocon has enhanced its presence in sectors like Music Category (2 models); Camera Category (2 models); Multimedia category (2 models) and Touch category (1 model)

Mr. Anil Khera, CEO, Videocon Mobile said, “With a wide range of products and accessories, coupled with an extensive dealer and distributor network and a reputed service partner with a nation-wide presence, our aim is to emerge as a leading player in the Indian mobile phone market soon”.

Mr. Rahul Goel, COO, Videocon Mobile, said, “We are offering a wide variety at Value for Money proposition. There is a huge potential in the market and a large base of consumer untouched through the country. Other than urban-semi urban, the rural market is expanding rapidly. Our objective is to be a one stop shop for the customer, and cater to each and every class and age with a price range of Rs.1, 300 to 19,000 on a premium side”.

Videocon’s core strength lies in its ability to bring volume and value through a direct reach to the consumers by establishing a solid relationship with channel partners and operators. The focus is on the widespread sales and marketing network as well as an excellent after-sales service that will help us to emerge as a leading brand of mobile phones with the help of highly-skilled manpower.

Videocon works with Original Design Manufacturers and enables the global suppliers to offer customized phones in terms of different and easy to use user interface, colours, applications, content for entertainment etc. The range of hassle free and reliable mobiles are feature-rich, including basic colour models, phones with FM radio, single/dual SIM, MP3 music, camera, multimedia and the latest touch, QWERTY and touch window’s phones.

Videocon has already established a pan-Indian presence for its new range of cell-phones, and is poised to emerge as the largest Indian operator in the segment. The company is also aggressively spreading across the country by appointing an extensive network of dealers and distributors, with an emphasis on reach and penetration.

On the music category front various models comprise: V204, an entry Colour FM phone that allows to record and play, and V1300, which adds a handy Ultra Violet Currency Checker.

Videocon’s latest Camera phone launches include the V1402 with which one can shoot, Groove. Flaunt! This is the entry camera phone in the portfolio. V1420 has a 3.5mm jack to connect to external speakers, and doubles up as Your Media and total music. Rolled into One!

Multimedia gets the 3.2MP evolution with the introduction of the dapper V1705. V1602 adds meat to the mid range 2MP line-up. The V1602 with the existing V1604 would seek to turn up the action in the 2MP multimedia market for Videocon.

In the touch category, Videocon has redefined the fourth screen by allowing the user to watch movies on the handset which plays the enhanced RMVB (Real Media Variable Bitrate) format enabling you to watch movies with just a touch.

With Social networking taking the centre stage, Videocon V1675 addresses the s-net platform with the brilliant V1675 which has all widget support to s-net applications. The QWERTY interface along with the optical track pad makes for a neat browsing and messaging handheld.

With the launch of new phones Videocon is also unleashing the new TV Ad campaign during the IPL. Incidentally Videocon is the On- Air sponsor for IPL on SET Max and they are going to use this exciting opportunity in media to kick-start the new campaign.

Videocon Mobile Phones was awarded the Product of the Year 2010 in the ‘Value Phones’ category for their V1405. Product of the Year is an internationally recognized standard that celebrates and rewards the best innovations in consumer products. Thousands and thousands of discerning consumers across India evaluate the innovations and choose only the best as their Product of the Year.

About Videocon

The Videocon group, with a turnover of over Rs 24,000 crore, is rated among India’s top 15 business houses and is among the top 100 emerging giants of the world. It is also among the top 50 brands in India (source: Brand Equity ‘Most Trusted Brand’ Survey, 2009). Videocon is the undisputed leader in consumer electronics and home appliances and is No 1 in the CTV, Washing Machine and Refrigerators segment. Videocon is in a steady climb to be amongst the top global consumer durable companies and believes it has to constantly evolve to fit the needs of the consumer.

The company offers a full range of products in televisions (conventional, flat and LCD), washing machines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, audio products, home theatre systems and microwave ovens. Videocon also has a significant sales presence globally and sells its made-in-India appliances to markets in Europe, West Asia, Latin America, Nigeria and Indonesia, all of which contribute to expanding and consolidating the company's global footprint.

In addition, the company has 18 manufacturing facilities globally, including in Italy, China and Oman. Videocon has R&D centres in Shenzhen (China), and Tokyo (Japan) that are constantly working towards innovating consumer-focused technology with a special emphasis on the environment.

With the unveiling of Videocon’s new brand identity, the brand is increasingly seen as transformational, empowering, energetic, youthful and friendly. Videocon’s new logo, the fluid “V”, coupled with a new proposition – Experience Change -- is a fresh new identity for a group that has been named among India’s top brands. It reflects Videocon’s renewed focus on moving quickly from static to energetic. The brand campaign for Videocon Mobile Phones says, “V is the New Me”. This brand campaign is a metaphor for the restless nature of youth – change becoming the only constant. Mobile phone today is a part of one's inherent self and slowly it is becoming a complete world in itself.

Videocon Group’s success has been built on various pillars, an important one being the strong relationship the group has built, over the years, with its massive base of trade and channel partners. Videocon has also made strong inroads into a third of the market through a multi-brand strategy that covers consumers of all socio-economic backgrounds. It now has almost 85% penetration in shelf space.

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