Surya for Quality Pipes
Surya for Quality Pipes

RAIPUR, 1st April 2010 : Surya Roshni, the largest exporter of G.I. Pipes and Flagship Company of the 2000 crore Surya Group, has announced the launch of its Programme to educate millions of consumers across 250 cities in India on the hazards of using spurious pipes. The programme aims to educate dealers, 20000 retailers and consumers on the ill effects and hazards of using spurious steel pipes. The programme also covers highlighting benefits of using good quality GI and ERW pipes.

Elaborating on the issue, Mr. Utkarsh, Executive Director, Surya Roshni Ltd. said, "Spurious pipes last for just 2-3 years while pipes manufactured as per prescribed norms last for over 30 years or more. At a cumulative level, consumers end up paying more if they use sub-standard pipes."

Today sale of Spurious pipes comprises over 30% of the total steel pipe market sales. These are manufactured by using half the quantity of spurious 'Goomati Zinc' coating, which reduces the life of the product. These poor quality pipes are produced using under gauge patra coils from patra sub standard steel, instead of tested H.R. coils manufactured by SAIL,etc.

Recently Surya Group has undertaken an expansion of 550 crores mainly in Steel Pipes for water, oil and gas and also for lighting which is expected to generate employment for 6000 more people and new jobs.
Surya Steel Pipes Division has also expanded into manufacture of Structural Hollow Section (pipes) for use in a wide range of applications. These Square and Rectangular Hollow steel sections, manufactured under state of the art Japanese technology are used in many major application areas by a large number of customers, such as industries, shopping and commercial malls, furniture manufacture, Airport Authority, Railways, Metro Services, Auto industry, Bus Stands, Industrial Sheds, Towers, Buildings and the National Highway Development Infrastructure Program etc. We are exporting our steel pipes and products to 40 countries including Germany, Canada and others.


1. Surya Roshni Produces more than two lakh tonne pipes in the country & going to produce 4 lac tonnes in near future which is available in all states of India. Surya is the biggest manufacturer of G.I. pipes used in water supplies.
2. Surya's Steel Pipes are sold in the Brand name of "Prakash Surya" which is duly embossed in a gap of every meter on the G.I. pipes
3. Surya Pipes are the first choice of the customers in Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh, even Prakash Surya brand G.I. Pipes are more renowned than TATA Pipes in the far flung areas of Southern India in Karnataka & Bangalore in addition to other states of India.
4. Besides steel, Surya Roshni is the market leader in lighting industry also and is one of the biggest two manufactures of India.
5. In the future expansion plans, the company intends to set up a steel plant in Karnataka apart from infrastructure, Cement, Power & PVC Pipes in the states of Gujarat, M.P., Chattisgarh & Uttarakhand. The projected turnover of Surya Group will be Rs. 5000 crores after all the expansions by year 2012 end.
6. Surya Roshni Limited has sent 100 youths for the mass contact program all over India with a view to create an awareness among the dealers and retailers about the right quality of pipes and to protect them from selling spurious / substandard pipes.

H.R.Coil vs Patra

1. Life of pipe made of H.R. Coil is 10 times more than that of Patra pipe i.e. life of Patra pipe is 3-4 years while as that of H.R. Coil pipe is more than 30 years.
2. Patra is always much & much cheaper compared to H.R. Coil, due to its inferior quality because of its bad chemistry as well as bad composition. Further for the manufacturing of Patra they use poor quality of scrap & rejection & produce with low technology while H.R. Coils are produced from world class plant of SAIL/ TATA/ ESSAR etc.
3. Only user of H.R. Coil of SAIL/ TATA/ ESSAR/ LLOYD/ ISPAT can produce good quality pipes.
4. For coating of Zinc, the manufacturers of steel pipes should use Zinc only of Hindustan Zinc Limited or imported equal to High Grade/ PW of Hindustan Zinc Limited.
5. Substandard producers are using GOOMATI (Zinc taken out from Zincdross) which reduces life of the pipes substantially.
6. Proper Zinc coating i.e. of 400 gm/m2 should be on each pipe as per ISI Specification but the substandard producer do not put even 200 gm/m2, which reduces its life substantially.
7. Galvanising done by the Zinc of Hindustan Zinc Limited gives more uniformity, shining and smoothness on the surface of pipe, which with coating of Goomati does not give the same results & also the life is very low because Goomati is a secondary Zinc.

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