Corporate Appeal - An Humble Social Appeal from all Indian Corporates
Corporate Appeal - An Humble Social Appeal from all Indian Corporates

According to the Indian Census of 2001, 74% of Indians live in 638,365 different villages. Villages in India vary by population, 236,004 Indian villages have a population less than 500. While 3,976 villages have a population of 10,000+.

"Ever since Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has become President of India (July 25, 2002), he has spearheaded a socio-economic movement of igniting the young minds with positive thoughts and of propagating the "Developed India by 2020" vision with constructive mission modes. PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) is the major component of President's Dream for developed India. It differs from the conventional ideas of economic development of rural areas in many ways--a comprehensive and composite rural development, government investment at urban levels in rural programmes, reverse rural-urban migration, the prerequisite quality infrastructure, supportive modern industry and investment in social and commercial service and private enterprise/corporate initiative.

In this regard, Let us think 2, 36,000 villages are in the very close to City areas and having almost urban amenities. Only remaining 4, 00,000 Indian villages are need more n more development.

Indian/State Governments has taken many steps and paid more attention towards the Rural Development.
We are being an Indian and loving to the Country so we all must think to give some participation in the rural development just doing our own jobs/business.


In India having at least 1000 Corporate/Enterprises with capacity & enough funds to take initiatives to words the rural development just by adopting Indian villages and run their own development programs.

We, Citiesbazar humbly appeal from the Indian Corporate to come forward & take initiatives for adopting Indian Villages. If each corporate adopt only 400 villages then it covers all 4, 00,000 villages and India will be 100% Literate and Developed Nation in World.

We Online users all collectively support this appeal by just sending this message to as many as their friends, corporates and private Enterprises

List of Corporate taken Initiatives

Surya Foundations- In the service to Rural People Development, they have taken initiative to adopt 2000 Indian villages spread out in India including 200 Villages in Chhattisgarh. This information has been shared by Mr. Sunil Gupta (DGM, Corporate Communication) and Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Media Consultant) during their Press conference at Raipur held on 1st April 2010.
List of Adopted 2000 Villages will be provided upon request Know more at Surya Foundation

Major Surya initiatives - IDEAL VILLAGE PROJECT
"The path to development of the country passes through its villages"
Surya Foundation conceived the 'Ideal Village Project' with the underlying idea to develop villages by—
• Improving the literacy rate
• Bringing peace and harmony
• Helping them development of their village
• Personality Development & Character Building

Support the 100% Literacy rate in India

We post an appeal from all corporate to pay some attention and do something in the development like educate for the Rural People.

Any Appeal / Corporate Initiatives

If any corporate are already taken some steps in the Rural People Development pl. mail us ( ) your campaign details we will add in our List of Initiatives.

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